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A leading provider of Elastic Inversion prediction software and services for reservoir and hydrocarbon prediction, reservoir characterization, time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring, optimizing horizontal well drilling and Geomechanics study for upstream oil and gas industry.

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DEI - Direct Elastic Inversion

Solves different elastic properties using different simplified Zeoppritz equations, adopts full CRP gather based direct elastic inversion technique with anti-noise algorithm. Ten independent elastic properties inverted directly using different equations which reduce the uncertainty of the result.

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EINW - Elastic Inversion Without Well

EINW is an important process as a part of elastic inversion even if well data is not available. The available elastic properties to be inverted are S-wave, density, Young modulus and Poisson ratio.

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HRin™ - High-Resolution Small Scale Inversion

High Resolution small scale inversion can be a solution to enhance seismic inversion result that the low-frequency model could handle to improve the quality. By utilizing HRin, both low-mid (model) and high frequency (well) are merged to produce the great high resolution inversion.

AEI - Anisotropy Elastic Inversion

Elsiwave’s technology through Anisotropy Elastic Inversion (AEI) gives solution for a team of Geoscientist to produce an alternative solution to determine the fracture effect on their reservoir. AEI of Vs is the most effective technique for dissolution caves and fracture delineation.

Geomechanics – 3D Fracturing Sweet Spot

3D Geomechanical Model Building, including calculation of Rock Strength, Brittleness Index, Pore-pressure, Max/Min horizontal principal stress, Differential Stress, Fracture pressure, collapse pressure, etc. The application is based on elastic properties, such as Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, P-wave velocity, density.

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Elsiwave 2019 Workbench has several modules, be wise and choose your desired module or you can also buy them all in one package.

Frequently asked questions

Our software have been used by Exploration and Development Institute CNPC, Sinopec Jiangsu oilfield. Several companies have also tried our software, some of them are : CNOOC Shanghai Branch, Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey Bureau, CNOOC Research Institute, CNPC Tarim oilfield, CNOOC Tianjin Branch, Sinopec Northeast Petroleum Bureau, etc.

In Indonesia, JOB Medco-Pertamina Tomori, SKK Migas have been given an opportunity to try the software. Please kindly contact us to get to know more about this possibility.

Elsiwave software developed by Elsiwave reservoir team, built upon the work experiences and documented in several papers published by Elsiwave reservoir team. The papers are mostly submitted on annual SEG events.

Our representative is ready to give you any presentation or workshop to give you further information about the software, trying the software is also possible.