Our Services and solutions

We are more than just a local agent of oil and gas software, we also provide various services and solutions from geology & geophysics (GnG) studies for exploration and production (E&P) consultation, technical IT support, training, professional outsourcing, data management as well as custom software development.

Data Management Services

Horizon Perdana Internasional has extensive expertise in managing the data of several Oil and Gas companies in Indonesia. We are trusted by clients to handle (indexing, cataloging, compiling) their petrotechnical, production to the budgeting data on their database. Not only experienced to handle the data, we also honored by them by given the responsibility to build their database system tailored based on the user requests. 

Handling the readily used data is important, but we also believe that taking care the data from raw is the key of the well managed data. For this reason, we also propose the data migration from elder format such as seismic tape or hard paper well log to digitize them into the currently used format.

We also have two customized web-based application which is built to help the user to deal with the post-managed data for further purpose (technical analysis, budgeting monitoring, etc) called Hope Solution and Starfish Drilling Management.

Professional Outsourcing & Training

Outsourcing concept is a perfect way to accomplish your special or seasonal projects without adding permanent staff to your workforce. PT Horizon Perdana Internasional Professionals outsourcing services enables you to get qualified and experienced personnel to suit your requirements and work exclusively for your enterprises. We also provide technical training for professional development for Oil and Gas clients. We offer multi-disciplines (GnG, Drilling, Reservoir Engineering, Facilities, Management and Economic) practical courses, training programs and competency services that cover technical and software skills needed nowadays.

To sum up the benefits that could be earned from this service are:

  • Lowering your cost in terms of recruiting, training, maintaining and sustaining IT and GnG resources.
  • Carrying out periodic competency improvement programs.
  • Reduction in the headcount of the organization.
  • Extra management time.
  • Expert resources that match global standards.
  • A wide range of specialized IT and GnG resources.

Our professionals continue to sharpen their competency and learn various area of business to enrich their point of view in order to deliver excellent services

G&G and RE Technical Services

PT Horizon Perdana Internasional also has an experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineer team. This unit is ready to serve you with some G&G and RE studies or consultations for your E&P division.

 Our key competencies are includes:

  • Seismic processing, well tie, inversion and attributes
  • Well log and Seismic Interpretation
  • Petrophysics Study and Reservoir Characterization
  • Reservoir modelling and simulation
  • Well Completion Design

  Other consultation could also be covered since we have our professional outsourcing resources with various competencies.