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HOPE Solution is developed by PT Horizon Perdana Internasional, which aims to provide a single intuitive platform that enables upstream data integration including exploration, production, and engineering. HOPE Solution is a web-based Corporate Database Management (CDM) portal that is integrated with several industry standard software such as ArcGIS, SQL server, and other supporting software. HOPE Solution offers a tailor-made platform, and therefore, it is likely to fulfill most of the oil and gas company’s requirement.

Data Management

Hope solution provides an integrated database management system organized in SQL Server (built in PPDM structure). With Database Explorer you can search, edit, and visualize the data from various data type. HOPE Solution has many advantages such as avoiding the redundancy, increase the accessibility and maintain the consistency of the data.

Integrated Portal

Users from various departments can access all features of HOPE Solution through a single sign-on portal. It can be accessed using a specified URL in any web browsers (i.e. Chrome, IE, Mozilla, etc). Users will have a credential based on their role in organization for security reason.

Operational Dashboard

Operational dashboard is the main feature of Hope Solution platform. It provides location-aware data visualization and analytics for a real-time operational view of oil and gas productions, well assets, engineering information, and the current status of field operations.

Machine Learning Algorithms for Prediction, Forecasting, and Alerting System

Data analytics of Hope Solution is the engine behind all notification, alerting system, and production optimization that are shown in the dashboard. Data analytics tool performs anomaly detection using a state-of-the-art algorithm to analyze if real-time data influx contains any outliers. The analytical tool has been equipped with machine learning algorithm to learn the causes of anomalies, and recommend a solution to solve the problem.

Seismic and Log viewer

Hope Solution provides geoscientific data visualization including seismic and well log data. This feature is integrated with map explorer enabling spatial analysis and interpretation of subsurface data.

Tailored by Request

According to our previous experiences, we understand that each company has unique obstacles to encounter. For this reason, the HOPE Solution will be presented to each client differently. Any features included to this application will be fabricated exclusively.

Frequently asked questions

HOPE solution is a web based application for data management. This platform was built according to our previous experiences in handling and integrating data from oil and gas industry. It is a dynamic platform which could be built together with your data manager to answer any problem in various complexity data condition.

We offer a solution that might ease your data manager tasks. Not only the data manager will gain the benefits of this platform, this could also help the decision making process, live monitoring system, instant notification after all data was gathered, managed and delivered by this system. All of these advantages are served in an user-friendly interface and wrapped in a single platform.

As we have always said, the platform is built upon the client’s system. We tried to facilitate all the data requested and adapt to the existing system.

To get more insight, you could provide us with your dummied/censored dataset, we will construct the system that suit your dataset.

We are eager to working on the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence technology for monitoring, prediction or any other issues that might occur in your exploration and production activity of your company.