Integrated solution for oil and gas business

We are here to help you on: Database Management, G&G support and consultation, E&P softwares, and staff consultation.

A leading provider of Elastic Inversion prediction software and services for reservoir and hydrocarbon prediction, reservoir characterization study for upstream oil and gas industry.

A drilling management web app, privately developed by Horizon Perdana Internasional team as the answer of the digitalization movement in oil and gas industry

Petroleum Experts (Petex) is a petroleum engineering and structural geology company, developing a wide range of software tools. Petex is a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in petroleum engineering, structural geology and engineering software.

HOPE Solution is a web-based Corporate Database Management (CDM) portal that is integrated with several industry standard software such as ArcGIS, SQL server, and other supporting software. Hope Solution offers a tailor-made platform, and therefore is likely to fulfil most of the oil and gas company’s requirement.

Lynx Information Systems provides geophysical and GIS services to the petroleum exploration industry worldwide. Operating since 1989, LYNX offer a full range of services, software solutions and GIS data for data handling and data management in upstream environments.

Petrofocus Completions Manager has been adopted as the standard well diagram software by major oil and gas operators worldwide.

What do we do?

PT Horizon Perdana Internasional is an Indonesian limited company, 100% owned by Indonesian citizen. Provide services and solutions in the field of oil and gas business as follow:

Acting as the Indonesian representative of several E&P softwares for seismic and well processing, inversion, interpretation, drilling completion manager, drilling engineering software, etc.

We also develop our own web-application platform to boost our database management services.

Being your data management consultant, for petrotechnical, production and budgeting data management. We have extensive experience in handling, managing, transferring different kind of data-set. More than that, we also capable to construct a database management system which suitable for E&P business structure.

We also establish a couple of web applications to enhance the capability of our data management service.

Providing professional consultation in oil and gas industry, not only in technical geoscience analysis also supporting your IT needs.

Our IT team is widely known by the Indonesian oil and gas industry stakeholders in supporting the hardware and software solution also to provide some database management services.

We have our geoscientist staffs ready to assist you on your G&G projects such as seismic processing, inversion, petrophysical analysis, etc.

Custom or in-house training with designed topic based on your request.

Core of business


Petrofocus Completion Manager, Elsiwave Elastic Inversion, Petex, QITeam, LYNX, Petrovisor, Starfish, HOPE Solution

Technical Solution & Services

Database Management Service, SOT for Drilling and Production Monitoring, Subsurface Data Management, Seismic Inversion, Seismic Processing, Well completion drawing, etc.

Profesional Outsourcing and Training

Lunch and Learn, Technical Workshop, etc

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Our company is a group of creative people striving to build excellent products and services.