Who we are

PT Horizon Perdana Internasional is an Indonesian limited company, 100% owned by Indonesian citizen. Provide services and solutions in the field of oil and gas business.

PT Horizon Perdana Internasional strives to provide you various solutions that will help you to improve your oil and gas business. For this, we recruit the highly-skilled staffs and use modern software development platforms, software development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques.

We leverage the IT resources of software companies that need to lower costs of software production. PT Horizon Perdana Internasional can manage your product from conception to production, from in-depth technical assessments to full software development and implementation. We can even continue designing your own project from any stage, and test, tune and maintain it. Transparent project management and change management practices that emphasize customer communication at pre-determined intervals through e-mail or teleconferencing ensure that the customer and project delivery teams carry a consistent understanding of requirements and project status at all times.

As for the E&P activities, we also offer several technical consultation from your exploration, drilling and production phase. Our team will help you on the seismic and well analysis, well drilling completion and design, etc.

Becoming a credible company through firm commitment in carrying out responsibility for quality result to support oil and gas companies in Indonesia.

We are trusted by many respectable oil and gas companies in Indonesia, including: SKK Migas, Pertamina EP, Pertamina Hulu Energi, Pertamina KSO, Medco E&P, Saka Energi, Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited, Premier Oil, Kangean Energy Indonesia, Minarak Brantas Gas Inc, SPR Langgak, and JOB Pertamina Medco Tomori.



Technical services and solutions

Personal outsourcing and training


Future Vision

We are keeping our attention to the latest technology in the oil and gas industry.

Out of the Box

Never hesitate to try implementing new inovation to the service provided by us.

One Stop Solution

Dynamic and always willing to adapt with client needs accordingly. From the back-end to the front-end of the projects.

Want to know more?

Our competencies are beyond the information provided in this page, please contact us for further information about business or partnership.